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11 Things You Can Email Your Concierge For

You work hard and your time is valuable, and we appreciate that. Utilizing this community’s resources can save you time -- and maybe some anxiety -- by solving meaningful business problems and making you a more productive, efficient business person. Here are some tips on where your member concierge can step in and be of service.

  1. Member introductions in your city AND when you’re traveling

Your Member Directory is always available to you to search by location (where you are or where you’re going) and more. But sometimes you just don’t have time for that, or there are still too many options -- we get it. And that’s where your concierge comes in.

Let us know where you’re going, what you’re working on (are you raising a round and want to meet other members who’ve done so successfully?) and/or the type of fellow members you’d like to meet. We’ll get you a personalized, curated list of members that we think would be a good fit. Once you give us the green light, we’ll make the warm introductions and you’ll be connecting in no time. You can also post in the members-only Facebook forum, and we will tag relevant members!

  1. Events/conferences

While we are always happy and excited to connect you via email to other fantastic members, there’s really no better way to interact than in person. We have an amazing events team working around the clock to create the best opportunities for networking. Make sure you let us know what conferences/events you’re traveling to well in advance -- if we have a large enough community presence, our team will do their best to throw an exclusive party just for you folks. Check out where we are going to be and RSVP on our events page.

  1. Business Services - help finding a member for a specific business service

Do you have business services needs but aren’t sure which vendor is the right choice, or are feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of vendors out there? We’re here to help: We’ve already vetted a wealth of business vendors so you don’t have to.

Not only can we connect you, we can also help get you some of the best prices available. How? Fellow members want to help by offering discounted access to their awesome products/services, and vendors outside of the YEC network see the value in working with top entrepreneurs. So if your accounting services aren’t adding up or selecting the right health insurance is making you sick, check out the marketplace in your member dashboard right away!

  1. Set up Editorial Office Hours

Your online presence can be key to business these days; building your personal and company brand and establishing your credibility through thought leadership is a great way to make sure you start on the right foot when people look you up. If you’re not sure where to begin, our editorial team is more than happy to help you put your best foot forward digitally. Just email your concierge requesting office hours, and we’ll get you scheduled with our awesome editorial team to help get you published.

  1. Get your co-founder(s) in YEC

You’re in YEC, and you think your fellow co-founders would benefit from being a part of the community as well. You want to see them build their online presence, meet other great influencers, and perhaps even see how much more they can accomplish with five free virtual assistant hours per month -- along with all of the other great benefits you’re already using. That’s awesome! Just let your concierge know, and we will send along a link to get them started. Even better, they’ll receive a discount on membership thanks to you.

  1. Getting your staff involved to help out

Your staff already helps make your day-to-day run smoothly, right? So why not let them help make the most of your membership as well. Let us know who your right-hand is, as well as who helps with your public relations/content marketing efforts and who handles office management and procurement. We’ll make sure they receive monthly communications from us on how to maximize your membership.

  1. Updating your contact information so you won’t stop receiving resources and communications

If you’ve moved, changed your mind as to where you want things shipped, decided to create a new email address, or any other update to your basic contact information, just let us know! We want to make sure you’re up-to-date in our systems and don’t miss out on anything awesome. Don’t forget to update your member dashboard too.

  1. Advice for using your VA benefit

It doesn’t matter if you already have an assistant (or three) -- a VA can help you tackle repetitive tasks (such as scheduling, onboarding or paying bills), so that you and your team can focus on more important things. If you’re looking for ways you might be able to use this service, just give us a shout -- our co-founder Ryan Paugh has been writing blog posts on how he personally uses his VA, and we’d be happy to talk your through different ideas as well. Visit the marketplace on your member dashboard to learn more about our discounts with Zirtual, UAssistMe, and Ruby Receptionists.

  1. Setting up a call to discuss how you can make the most out of your membership.

We as your concierge team are always available to help you better understand and make the most of your membership with YEC. If you have questions, want to create a more tailored plan of use, or anything else, just reach out at concierge@yec.co. We’re more than happy to set up a call and walk through anything and everything with you!

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