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3 Recent YEC Member Company Service/Product Launches to Put on Your Radar

1. 9slides: An intelligent online training solution

Credit: 9slides Credit: 9slides

YEC member company 9slides, an online training software company of which YEC member Ruchit Garg is founder & CEO, recently launched “the next generation” of its intelligent online training solution. The rollout includes a new dashboard experience (which works across different devices), live activity reports from learners, and social interactions.

“[The update] is a next generation of online learning platform, which helps growing companies train their employees while they are on the road or in their office,” says Garg. “With this new major update, we are disrupting how traditional learning systems work with a new model which is intelligent, flexible and personal.” For more information, check out 9slides.com.

2. Stratos: Stratos Card

Credit: Stratos Credit: Stratos

YEC member company Stratos, of which YEC member Henry Balanon is co-founder & CTO, recently launched the Stratos Card.

The Stratos Card is an all-in-one, Bluetooth-connected card. Users can add credit, debit, loyalty, gift and membership cards onto their Stratos Card to consolidate their wallet. Dual Stripe technology allows the card to work anywhere a normal credit card would, and includes bank-level encryption for safety. Members get smart insights and recommendations, and are entitled to a brand new, latest generation Stratos Card every year they’re a member to receive future, updated security and insight feature benefits.

“The world is moving into a direction where payments happen over connected devices instead of just single-purpose cards,” says Balanon. “We’re building a product that can continue to evolve as the payments security evolves, and also serve today’s tech-driven consumer.” For more information, check out startoscard.com

3. BannerView: BannerOS Grips Store

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.53.26 AM

YEC member company BannerView, of which YEC member Mark Cenicola is president & CEO, has launched the BannerOS Grips store.

BannerView develops BannerOS, a website management and analytics platform that provides users with simple, one-click web app add-ons, called BannerGrips. The new Grips store organizes all purchasable BannerGrips in one place. Grips include BannerAssist™, which provides a live chat assistant for website visitors; BannerAssociate™, which helps to build a network of affiliates that refer businesses to your website; BannerForms™, which allows managers to customize and receive information about your customers; and more.

Once purchased (prices start at $9.95/month and include a 30-day free trial), Grips are automatically installed and are operational in an hour. For more information, check out bannerview.com.

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