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3 YEC Member Companies Form Strategic New Partnerships

YEC members are always hustling for their companies, building new products and securing new partnerships every day. This week, we're highlighting three companies to watch who've formed important new business partnerships.

1. Stephanie Parker, Sleeping Baby Inc.

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Sleeping Baby Inc. — founded by YEC member Stephanie Parker — recently partnered with the Ronald McDonald House to to enable families stay close to their little ones during some of the most difficult days of their lives. This partnership came about following Parker's appearance on popular ABC show Shark Tank, where she and her husband showcased their award-winning Zipadee-Zip sleep garment for children and infants. When the Parkers were featured on Shark Tank, they shared the devastating loss of their own child and how their Sleeping Baby customers helped them heal in a unique way. Following the taping, the Parkers were contacted by a woman, Kelly Blumenthal, who faced a similar experience and who was inspired by the Parkers' perseverance and courage in light of a difficult time.

Inspired by Blumenthal's son Finn's strength and the incredible support that the Ronald McDonald House was to her family, Parker created the "Finn" design to help raise money for both the organization and the Blumenthal family. Ten percent of sales will go to help support the RMH and one dollar from each sale will also go to help pay the family's hospital bills.

You can learn more about this inspiring story and charitable cause by watching this video on Sleeping Baby's YouTube channel.

2. Blair Thomas, eMerchantBroker

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In August, YEC Member Blair Thomas' company eMerchantBroker partnered with Chargeback911, a chargeback mitigation company, to offer merchants more payment processing services they desire to run their everyday business with ease.

When a business' chargeback rate becomes too high, it can deeply damage the credit and reputation of that business. This ordeal makes it difficult to work with banks or obtain a line of credit. The eMerchantBroker and Chargeback911 partnership helps make this a problem of the past by providing a two-in-one service that allows merchants to accept credit card payments and provide better overall customer service.

For more information, check out eMerchantBroker's press release.

3. Alexander Mendeluk, SpiritHoods

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YEC member Alexander Mendeluk, founder of faux fur animal-inspired apparel brand SpiritHoods and social entrepreneurial consultancy theDisruptive, is partnering with Max Sound Corporation, the innovators of MAX-D, by joining the MAX-D advisory board and marketing team as Creative Director and Marketing Strategist. Mendeluk and the MAX-D consumer team recently completed a brand overhaul, which includes an entire new look, feel and core message on MAX-D’s website, social media platforms and are about to launch a new mobile app that allows users to turn their compressed music and streaming services like Spotify and iTunes into true HD audio.

In a recent press release Mendeluk states; “Strong brand development initiatives and strategic partnerships with other like-minded brands and influencers are all a major part of the plan. You are going to see a whole new MAX-D and it’s one that we believe is going to truly reinvigorate the market.”

Congratulations to these companies on their recent partnerships. If you’re a YEC Member with a recent partnership, product or service launch, please submit your news to be considered for YEC Blog coverage here.