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3 YEC Members Join Forces to Launch Investment Transparency Platform, eFin

eFin -- a platform recently launched by YEC members Derek CapoCharles Moscoe and Kristaps Ronka -- seeks to level the playing field and empower the individual investor with second-level information in ways only institutions and hedge funds with insider contacts and research budgets have been able to do previously.

Capo, who is CEO, heads up the company alongside Moscoe as CMO and Ronka as CTO. The three, who got to know each other well through YEC, met through a financial blogging website while writing about undervalued stock companies with a focus on shedding light on more than just the numbers. Recently, they took part in the MIT fintech conference, where Capo spoke about disrupting Wall Street and expanding access to investing.

"Wall Street spends millions of dollars in creating sophisticated models and algorithms that eventually cheat the retail investor. The game is rigged," says Capo.

According to eFin's website, "the fully automated platform is algorithm driven and designed to provide ordinary investors with access to real-time snapshots of potential investments by instantly considering and defining a myriad of objective and subjective metrics."

Learn more at eFin.com.

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