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3 YEC Members Launch Useful New Tools

YEC members are launching new tools and services all the time. In the spirit of simplifying your summer, we wanted to highlight three members whose new tools are focused on streamlining both your business operations and personal lives. With them, you'll be able to more effectively communicate with your customers, schedule a gym class and more.

1. Do: Provides productivity tools for meetings and weekly insight emails to streamline work flow.


YEC member Jason Shah’s company Do launched Do Personal Insights to provide users with a detailed weekly email outlining how their time was spent. Shah explains: “Time is the most valuable asset for anyone. It’s the one thing everyone wishes they had more of but can never have.” He is confident that Do Personal Insights will help users maximize their time with customized suggestions of how to delegate time for meetings, creative work and personal time, according to its press release. “It’s all about the right balance to be productive and maintain work-life balance,” Shah says.

Do also launched its new app for iPhone and iPad 2.0 which will provide real-time stats of the user’s day and streamline the process of scheduling meetings. The app can even compose and send full automated emails based on templates like “confirm meeting.”

2. Call Loop: Easily sends voice and SMS text messages to customers and subscribers.


Chris Brisson’s company Call Loop launched a tool called Phone Checkr, which can quickly determine whether a phone number is a mobile, landline, or VOIP. Businesses will be able to figure out whether to send a text message or voice broadcast at just two cents per lookup. The tool makes it quick and easy to get the information needed. Simply import a spreadsheet or CSV file of phone numbers on the Phone Checkr homepage, and it will provide a full report in just a few minutes. Users will also receive details such as phone carrier, country code, local format, whether the number is junk and more.

3. Prolific Interactive: Crafts sleek visuals with a "less is more" mentality for mobile design.


Bobby Emamian’s company Prolific Interactive created the mobile app for SoulCycle, an exercise company that popularized indoor cycling. The app’s bright and crisp interface reflects the company’s cheery white and yellow color scheme. Users can now quickly and easily book classes, reserve bikes, sync calendars, find directions to studios and more. Prolific Interactive has helped notable companies like lululemon and ModCloth build their brand through mobile design, and it is now excited to announce its newest app created for SoulCycle.

If you are a member and have an exciting launch to announce, share the news here.