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4 YEC Members Featured on Workforce Magazine's 2016 Game Changers List

For making their mark on the human resources world, YEC members AJ Brustein, Kathryn Minshew, Dan Schawbel and Maia Josebachvili were featured on Workforce Magazine's 2016 Game Changers list.

The Workforce Game Changers Awards recognizes young professionals dedicated to improving HR in innovative ways.

AJ Brustein, COO and co-founder of Wonolo, was recognized for solving an HR-related problem that even afflicted large companies. His on-demand staffing platform helps companies find freelance work with little notice.

"These days, at most companies, people are being hired based on arbitrary signals, like education or their prior work experience instead of what really matters, like merit," says AJ. "The idea that someday — maybe even today — we'll be able to help people get work and shine on their own merit, that is really amazing and inspiring."

Kathryn Minshew, CEO and founder of The Muse, was recognized for putting a refreshing spin on the job-hunting process. Her online career resource provides a behind-the-scenes look at job opportunities along with expert career advice and access to personalized career help.

“Job hunting is like dating,” Kathryn said. “I’m not romantically compatible with every person in the world. In the same way, a single applicant is not compatible with every company."

Dan Schawbel, partner at Future Workplace, was awarded for his strive to better understand the millennial generation and what they want in a workplace. Through case studies, Dan has helped companies as big as American Express gain insight on what workplace success means to Generation Y.

“With Gen Z entering the workplace and my generation becoming the next generation of leaders, what does that mean?” said Dan. “I’m constantly thinking about this whole leadership shift and how technology is [changing] how we behave and interact in the workplace.”

Maia Josebachvili, vice president of strategy and people at software company Greenhouse, was able to help the organization grow 8x in just two years due to her expertise in business strategy, people and HR. Prior to Greenhouse, Maia was CEO and founder of Urban Escapes, an e-commerce travel company that she later sold to LivingSocial.

"The relationship between companies and people is changing dramatically every day," says Maia. "I'm having a blast being at the forefront of that change — helping Greenhouse and our customers navigate this change and use it to build even better companies."

Check out the full 2016 Workforce Game Changers list, here.

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