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Avoiding These Vulnerability Mistakes With Corey Blake

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In this video clip, Corey Blake, founder and CEO of Round Table Companies, cautions against making these mistakes when implementing vulnerability in the workplace. The leader is the one who needs to set the tone and how the experience is being facilitated to keep the session from going off the rails. The most important thing is to make sure there is someone in the room who can create a sense of safety and security for all participants.


The leader is the one who sets the tone in how they share."

More about our expert: Corey Blake is a creative producer, speaker, storyteller and brand visionary. He founded Round Table Companies (RTC) in 2006 and now employs a staff of 40 creatives who assist him in birthing the stories he produces and directs for thought leaders, CEOs and companies. Corey's work in commercials has been seen by hundreds of millions of viewers, he has published 14 award-winning books and his work has been covered by the New York Times, Boston Globe, WSJ, Forbes, Inc. and on NPR, CNN and Bloomberg Television. He contributes to Forbes and Huffington Post and is a sponsor of Conscious Capitalism and Social Venture Network.

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