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FounderSociety Member Company Beachy Launches New Mobile App

In December, FounderSociety member Matt Houston, co-founder of Beachy, announced the launch of the company's mobile app. The Nashville-based company created an app that connects beach-goers with the vendors of beach equipment such as chairs, umbrellas, jet ski rentals and more.

Beachy was founded in 2015 by Matt Houston, David Strange and Josh Aronson to eliminate vacationer's hassle in renting beach necessities. The company raised an early round of $400,000 to fund the creation of its beach rental mobile app.

“Planning a vacation is stressful enough. Reserving rental chairs and umbrellas once you get to the beach doesn’t have to be,” said Houston in this release. “Beachy’s app enables vacationers to rent their beach chairs in advance or on demand. Upon arrival to the beach, they are connected with Beachy's vendor network, can relax and order all of the beachside amenities anyone could ever want, and yes, we’re working on drink service as well.”

Houston and the other co-founders tested the app in Panama City Beach, Florida over the summer. Currently, over 150 resorts around the Florida Panhandle have committed to be vendors, and they've already begun to build out a base of international vendors in Brazil, Mexico and Costa Rica.

"We've been able to accelerate from zero to a world-class suite of apps and APIs in a matter of months," said Aronson. "From a development perspective, I couldn't be happier with our progress. The team we've put together has consistently exceeded even our own aggressive expectations."

Currently available in the app store for iOS and online as a web app for both Android and Windows, Beachy will also be available in the Google Play store soon.

To learn more about Beachy, check out their site here.