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FounderSociety Member Company Resound Launches New Brand Maturity Assessment

FounderSociety member Mike Jones, Managing Partner of Resound, recently announced the launch of their new Brand Maturity Assesment, a free tool to help marketing directors, executives and owners evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their branding efforts. It provides key action items for them to implement based on their specific situation to help them strengthen and grow their brand.

The assessment is built around their Branding Framework, which is made up of four pillars:

  1. Brand Definition: the core attributes of your brand
  2. Brand Communications: the guidelines for communicating your brand visually and verbally
  3. Brand Execution: the application of your brand guidelines in all of your customer experiences
  4. Brand Position: differentiating your brand from your competitors

Over the years, Jones and his team have worked with many companies to build and grow their brands. This process often requires buy-in from multiple people within the company. Many marketing directors and CMOs that they have worked with have wanted a tool to help them build consensus around change. They have responded to that need with this product.

For more information, check out the product here.

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