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FounderSociety Member Company Salty Girl Seafood Named Women-Owned Business of the Year for Santa Barbara County

FounderSociety member Laura Johnson's company, Salty Girl Seafood, was recently named Women-Owned Business of the Year for Santa Barbara County.

The sustainable seafood company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. Salty Girl Seafood only uses products directly sourced from the fishermen who caught them. They work only with small-scale fishermen that harvest using sustainable practices, and make buying and preparing fresh seafood easy.

The Pacific Coast Business Times recognized Salty Girl Seafood along with eight other firms for "excellence in business and for positive contributions to the local, U.S. and international economy and community," indicated the article.

Johnson recently told AllBusiness that their newest initiative is "the launch of our retail line of pre-marinated seafood. Each package is complete with chef-quality seafood that is fully traceable and sustainable. Information on sustainability is readily available on the package so consumers can educate themselves and feel good about their purchases."

Read more about the award here.