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FounderSociety Member Mallory Van Waarde Gives a TEDx Talk


FounderSociety member Mallory Van Waarde, co-founder of digital marketing agency Magnifyre, gave a TED talk this spring at an event in Columbia, Missouri.

Mallory's talk was titled "Experiences Build Empathy" and took place during TEDxCosmoPark in April. TED – which stands for technology, entertainment and design – is a nonprofit dedicated to spreading ideas. TEDx events are local gatherings that are independently developed.

Mallory has traveled extensively while building Magnifyre. She recently moved to San Diego, California, but it was an experience last year in Istanbul, Turkey, that influenced her concept of empathy.

“I think that when most people talk about the concept of empathy, they like to refer to it as a perspective-taking exercise,” she said in her talk. “But I think it’s one thing to cognitively understand that people have different experiences and an entirely different thing to actually feel with them. And the difference for me was a personal experience, that’s what took empathy from my head to my heart.”

Mallory joined FounderSociety in May. Watch her talk above or at tedxtalks.ted.com.

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