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FounderSociety Member Peter Voogd Launches Ambition Is Priceless Mixtape

Today, FounderSociety member Peter Voogd, Founder of Game Changers Academy and creator of top iTunes podcast The Young Entrepreneur Lifestyle announced the launch of the Ambition Is Priceless Mixtape.

Designed to inspire and educate millennials in a new, more relevant way, the mixtape features 16 tracks of three to six minutes full of tactical, comprehensive strategies for taking control of your life and getting motivated. It uniquely combines game-changing content and inspiring music to capture the hearts and minds of its audience.

Some of the content includes things like "How the Best-of-the-Best Think and Act," "The Power of Intelligent Execution" and "How to Deal With Haters and Trolls in the New Economy."

The tracks are formulated to inspire sustained motivation and create real change, and do so by catching hold of an audience's emotional state through music. Given the limited attention span of today's generation -- and their love of podcasts -- this mixtape has the potential to have a huge impact.

Visit AmbitionMixtape.com to learn more, or check out the 1-page promo, here.