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FounderSociety Member SpectrumFX Launches New, Important Partnership

FounderSociety member Ross Faith, co-founder of SpectrumFX, announced a new partnership with Aircare International. SpectrumFX sells patented Firebane fire suppression technology to industries like airlines and automobile racing, and with this partnership, it'll offer exciting new products that combat lithium battery fires.

Aircare International is a company that supports top business aviation flight departments all over the world, providing emergency procedure training, safety products and services and crew staffing. With Aircare International's partnership, SpectrumFS will include Aircare FireSock in its line of products to protect against in-flight lithium battery fires for business and commercial aircraft. In addition, SpectrumFX will offer Aircare the FireSock Battery Risk Management System to teach the proper procedure for transporting lithium battery-powered electronics.

Faith believes that this partnership is in line with his company's mission to provide cost-efficient and highly-effective products to industries that need them. One product, for instance, is a biodegradable and non-toxic fire-extinguishing agent more cooling than water.

Read more about the partnership here.

Congratulations to Faith and his team at SpectrumFX! If you're a FounderSociety member with exciting news to share, tell us all about it here.