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How FounderSociety Member Connor Blakley Is Changing the Face of Youth Marketing

At the age of 17, FounderSociety member Connor Blakley is changing the way marketers learn to engage today's youth.

As president and co-founder of YouthLogix, an online publication that follows the latest technology, news and trends surrounding Gen Y and Gen Z, Connor is hoping to put an end to bland youth marketing content and truly help marketers connect with the next generation of consumers.

"YouthLogix was created out of necessity," says Connor. "If you Google 'youth marketing,' you typically get a bunch of agencies with bad content on their blogs because they're just trying to fill up space. This approach doesn't bring anyone value, and it leaves marketers looking to stay a step ahead at a disadvantage."

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 10.07.15 AM The homepage of YouthLogix

For marketers across the globe, understanding how to engage today's youth is a constant struggle. That's why Connor and his co-founders, who are all under 18, wanted to create a trusted resource marketers can depend on—directly from the voice of younger generations.

With topics ranging from social media strategies to building brand loyalty, many articles on YouthLogix are written by young staff members, making the publication that much more reliable. You can find out from the source why millennials love cartoons or what the common misconceptions of Gen Z are. Or you can learn how to engage your company's followers using Facebook's live video feature or Snapchat. You can even read insightful interviews with some of the business world's most prominent leaders, like Arianna Huffington and Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian.

"The most import thing we hope to accomplish with YouthLogix is being the go-to resource for everything youth marketing," says Connor. "We truly realize the importance of learning how (and why) to better connect with and engage the always-evolving younger generations."

As for what advice the 17-year-old would give to aspiring young entrepreneurs: make the most of what you have with the time you have.

"Realize the difference between yourself and the person you want to be," says Connor. "Realize that everyone gets 24 hours a day, and understand that what you do with it will determine your own outcome."