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Introducing YEC Next for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs

Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of a new community for early-stage entrepreneurs — YEC Next, and to introduce a new opportunity for YEC members to mentor and meet promising new founders.

Why YEC Next?

We launched YEC in order to help entrepreneurs who’ve already achieved success take their businesses and opportunities to the next level. Earning a spot in our community indicates that you’ve reached a tipping point of $1 million or more in revenue — a point reached only by facing and overcoming a number of challenges along the way.

Now, we are thrilled to announce YEC Next — a new community to help early-stage entrepreneurs on their paths to to the tipping point, while providing current YEC members with a unique opportunity to get to know some of the most promising new founders and businesses arriving on the scene.

This new community is the next iteration of FounderSociety, our previous group for early-stage entrepreneurs. YEC Next expands upon the foundation we built with FounderSociety, adding upgraded benefits, new membership criteria and a stronger connection with YEC. We are excited to welcome all FounderSociety members into YEC Next where they will take advantage of our expanded program.

How You Can Get Involved

As part of this launch, we will be inviting YEC members to become mentors for the early-stage entrepreneurs in YEC Next. We’ll be reaching out to select members who are active and engaged in the YEC forum, with an invitation to also join the YEC Next forum and pay forward the support you’ve received on your entrepreneurial path. Outreach for mentorship opportunities will be ongoing and optional. The YEC forum will remain exclusive to YEC as is.

We also invite you to share our new YEC Next website, https://yecnext.com with any entrepreneurs who meet the criteria and might be strong candidates for the community.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

We believe that increased connections between these two communities will help strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem as a whole. We look forward to seeing new relationships grow and to providing you with more opportunities than ever before.

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