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Meet YEC's Latest Hire: Josh Kerxhalli-Kleinfield

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAL9AAAAJDk3MjRhY2FlLThjYmItNDhlMy1iZmM0LTQ2Y2M3NDgwOTI3NAYEC's hiring continues its strong streak into the summer months as we announce the latest addition to our team, Josh Kerxhalli-Kleinfeld, who joins us in his role as PHP Developer.

Josh will assist our CTO in working on new and existing software projects that touch thousands of people, including innovative tools for building our highly curated communities.

Hailing from Upton, Mass., Josh is a graduate of Brandeis University where he earned his bachelor's degree in computer science. Josh previously served as teaching assistant in Brandeis' computer science department and has also worked as a freelance developer.

Josh says, “I’m excited to start working to help improve YEC’s technical side and to learn a lot while I’m at it."

Join us in welcoming Josh by connecting with him on LinkedIn.

[Photo Credit: Josh Kerxhalli-Kleinfield]