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Disinfect Group Partners With beMatrix

Vinny Antonio shared Disinfect Group’s announcement of its partnership with beMatrix, the world’s leading manufacturer of modular building systems, to be their official frame supplier for Disinfect Group’s sanitization tunnels.

Disinfect Group specializes in tailor-made safety solutions including their sanitization tunnels that channel guests, fans, customers, teams and staff through specialized entry points that spray a proprietary dry disinfecting mist. These entry points ensure that every person on site has been through some basic hygiene and disinfection prior to gathering in crowded venues and areas of high foot traffic.

Vinny, who serves as president of Disinfect Group USA, said, “Our partnership with beMatrix will allow us to quickly get our products to the businesses who are working to open back up. It’s about helping their customers feel safe, and we believe we have the right tools to do that.”

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