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Haüskey Launches Digital Condo Assignment Marketplace

Neel Kawale announced that Haüskey has launched Digital Condo Assignment Marketplace to revolutionize the Canadian Condo Assignment Market. The Condo Assignment Marketplace allows consumers, agents and prospective buyers to list and purchase condo assignments remotely and securely through Haüskey’s Digital Platform. Clients can list properties on the platform, accept offers and buyers can make secure bids through the platform, removing the typical home buying process which includes physical presentations and face-to-face meetings.

Neel says, “Markets in transition provide great opportunities and we are excited to be able to launch a truly revolutionary product that will transform how Canadians invest in residential real estate. The Haüskey Assignment platform centralizes an opaque industry and brings the utmost security to deals previously completed through classifieds or non-secure forums.”

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