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Member News: Mallama Launches Take Care Podcast

Rishi Sharma announced that Mallama has launched a podcast, Mallama Presents: Take Care, as the country seeks information and distraction in equal measure while working from home or on the frontlines.Rishi Sharma news April 2020 - Mallama podcast
The show will air bi-weekly and feature thought-leaders on a variety of topics, including technology, entertainment, health, entrepreneurship, pop-culture, and anything on Rish Sharma's mind, with a general outlook towards personal growth and routines.

Rishi says, “The biggest values behind of Mallama brand is a continued effort to improve oneself. Each one of our change-making guests exemplifies this value.”

Connect with Rishi Sharma via the member concierge (YEC members only) or on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


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