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YEC Member Kit Hickey on Successful Crowdfunding, Making the Startup Leap and How to Find a Job You Love

When Ministry of Supply launched a Kickstarter 2.5 years ago with a goal of $30,000, Co-Founder and YEC Member Kit Hickey did not expect to raise nearly $500,000. But that’s exactly what happened.

Ministry of Supply is a retail startup for performance professional menswear based in Boston. Using advanced manufacturing techniques, Ministry of Supply elevates professional clothing with the same tech normally used for performance wear.

As a recent guest on the Tech in Boston podcast, Kit dives into more detail about MOS, and gives listeners a better understanding of its operations, like how they use psychographics to understand their customers rather than demographics, and how they use “templatized word-of-mouth” to attract new customers.

Listen to the full podcast below!



[Photo Credit: BetaBoston]