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YEC Welcomes Allison Rosa as Associate Editor

This week at YEC, we're very excited to announce the newest addition to our team. Join us in welcoming Associate Editor Allison Rosa.

Originally from Groton, Massachusetts, Allison graduated from Boston College, where she received a Bachelor's Degree in English with a minor in History.

In her time, Allison enjoys traveling. When she studied abroad in Paris in the fall of 2013, she enjoyed taking in the city's history, art, and delicious food (and dessert!). She recently returned from a trip to Paris and Prague, and she hopes to travel more within the U.S. and eventually visit all seven continents.

Prior to YEC, Allison worked at Apolish, an educational company based in New York, as a Writing Specialist. In this role, Allison worked with Chinese students applying to college in the U.S. to edit their essays and improve their English writing skills. She also worked with Chinese students already attending school in the U.S., giving feedback on academic essays and working with them on practice essays.

From Allison: "I'm so excited to join YEC because I've always loved to write and edit, and it will be a new challenge for me to apply these skills in the entrepreneurial world. The editorial team seems like such a fun, collaborative team to work on and I'm very excited to be a part of it. One of my favorite things about editing is working to create polished copy while also maintaining the writer's unique voice and message. I'm excited to accomplish this as I work alongside the entrepreneurs and the editorial team. I'm also really looking forward to exercising my writing skills by contributing to the blog and quarterly magazine."

Join us in welcoming Allison by connecting with her on LinkedIn.

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