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FounderSociety Member O. Liam Wright Participates in 2015 StartupBus Competition

FounderSociety member O. Liam Wright, founder of True Interaction, recently participated in the 2015 StartupBus competition, representing NYC. True Interaction helps companies build operational perfection by helping with core “engine blocks” -- the various people, processes and platforms that make up a business -- and honing these parts, as well as improving the interaction points between them to strengthen the company.

Touted as the "most intense startup competition in the world," the StartupBus program creates an environment for top talent to compete and build the next generation of technology over the course of a three-day bus ride. In this extreme setting, competing entrepreneurs endure tough conditions -- such as  little-to-no sleep  -- as they participate in a series of challenges, including team-building contests like the "StartupBus stock game."

Impressively, Wright lead his team of entrepreneurs to first place every day with a 10x lead over the team in second place. Through the program's pitch competition, he was even able acquire funding and paying customers over the three-day period -- leading to his team's decision to go media dark and drop out of the competition. At the end of the experience, it was ultimately another NYC bus, whose project they helped out with, that took home the city's third year-in-a-row win.

Throughout the journey, StartupBus competitors also had the opportunity to be coached by mentors from some of the most prominent companies in the tech ecosystem, including Github, Techstars and Twilio.

Says Wright, upon reflecting on his experience: "It does not matter who you are, or how you think you are doing in life -- waking up to the limits you self-impose will help you push through to where you need to be. And great coaches make the difference."

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