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Young Entrepreneur

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The Co-Founders of YEC Launch New Exclusive Community, FounderSociety

Designed for up-and-coming entrepreneurs, FounderSociety is a new community of ambitious business founders who are rapidly growing their companies. Started by the founders of Young Entrepreneur Council — an invitation-only entrepreneurship organization whose members span nearly every industry and generate billions in annual revenue — FounderSociety is dedicated to connecting, accelerating, spotlighting and mentoring the next generation of rising stars in entrepreneurship.

While working on their first invite-only community, YEC co-founders Scott Gerber and Ryan Paugh spoke with many entrepreneurs on their way to meeting the $1 million in revenue or financing criteria that YEC membership requires, who just needed a slight boost to get there. So to help accelerate these high-velocity companies — offer the resources they’d already amassed while still keeping the benefits of an exclusive, closed community — they built FounderSociety. Read More [StartupCollective]