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Why You Should Have a Complete Networking Profile

There are a lot of ways to utilize your YEC membership, but there is one focal point that ties it all together and can ensure you're ready to make the most of it: your member profile. We know you've probably filled out more than one bio or profile of sorts (looking at you, LinkedIn), but we promise that a complete member profile is worth the time. Although some of it might seem self-explanatory, check out some more information on why these fields are helpful, and how you can use this information to get more from your membership.

Basic Info

Let’s start with the first section -- when you enter your member profile by clicking your name in the top, right-hand corner -- Basic Info.

  1. Your Avatar: This square image gives fellow members an idea of who they are connecting with. It also gets used in bylines when you are published! Make sure it’s a clear, professional headshot for the best impression.
  2. Email Address: This is both your login credentials and the email that will be utilized when a fellow member requests an introduction.
  3. Postal Code: Make sure this is correct so that your location displays accurately. This helps connect members looking for others in their location or where they might be traveling to, and helps your member concierge make the right connections for you.
  4. Skills: These tags make you searchable. If someone comes to the member concierge looking for an expert within a particular industry or with a certain skill-set, these tags help make sure you're one of the first people that comes to mind.
  5. Short Bio: This will appear with your articles. It should be short, sweet and to the point in one or two sentences. It's great to include your name, your role, your company (along with a link) and briefly what your company does.
  6. Long Bio: You're probably bursting with more exciting things to share about yourself -- do that here! Expand upon who you are and how you got here. Are you a published author? Have you won awards? Where is your alma mater? Talk about anything you think would be good for other members to know and might help you connect with them.

Congratulations! You've made it through the pivotal basic profile. Make sure to hit "Update Basic Profile" before moving on to the next section, which is your Social Info.

Social Info

Filling out any applicable social media is the best way to go, but if you're going to pick and choose, make sure not to skip your LinkedIn URL and your Twitter handle. Why? These are two easily digestible social media presences for other members to get a better sense of who you are and to connect. Your member concierge often links to your LinkedIn profile when providing suggestions or introductions for connections, while your twitter handle will be listed directly on your member profile and used if you answer Q&As.

Company Info

There are three overarching sections within this part of your profile. Let's go over the key things you should look at:

  1. Company Information: your company name, job title and industry are incredibly important. Company Name as well as job title will be pulled into editorial pieces as well as your member profile. Industry is extremely useful for helping your member concierge team to find you appropriate opportunities and connections.
  2. Company Business Stage: This is not displayed publically but, like much else within your profile, it helps your member concierge team find you amazing connections. Often, members are looking for others who are in a similar size range or have gone through a particular type of funding. This is one way our team is able to identify if you are a good match in these instances.
  3. Company Social Links: Your company website is listed for other members to see and is a great way for them to easily access your company and learn more about it. These links are also pulled in for editorial bylines as appropriate, and always for Q&As. Make sure they reflect the company and links you want them to when you get published!


Now that you know how the different parts of your member profile are utilized, I recommend you go and check what you have listed right now! While it's top of mind, make sure everything is up to date and displaying the "you" that you want your fellow members to see and meet.