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The Newest Featured Member Benefit: YEC Health Insurance Marketplace

Without question, one of the most important benefits you can offer your family and your staff is access to high-quality health insurance. Even for the smallest employers, affordable health coverage is a critical tool for recruiting and retaining top talent, especially as we look ahead to 2016.

But navigating the available options -- and, in the wake of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), administering those benefits while also complying with the law -- is time-consuming and potentially expensive, too.

It’s also confusing. YEC members often come to our business services concierge team for help, and there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution; so much depends on your budget, company size, employee needs and your own goals as a business owner. After more than a few discussions with members, we decided that the best solution was to create a private YEC Health Insurance Marketplace to make it easier, faster and less expensive for members -- regardless of their location -- to find the best plans at the best possible price.

To do so, we partnered with Navinsure, an industry leader specializing in insurance for business owners, whose user-friendly technology and expert staff help power our members-only marketplace at insurance.yec.co. It’s free for all members to use, and more to the point, it’s simple. After logging in, you can search and compare plans, download free cost analyses, and add (or terminate) employees with one click. Plus, insurance experts are available for phone, live chat and email consultations at your convenience. With their help, you can create a custom solution to health coverage that makes the most sense for your business and your employees’ unique needs, regardless of budget. They can help you understand plan options, pricing, premium subsidies, potential tax benefits and more, and even provide a free in-depth cost analysis.

Scott Gerber, YEC’s founder and CEO, says, “We know health insurance is a pain point, because we are running a business too. And it’s only gotten more complicated in the last few years. With a market leader like Navinsure, we were able to develop what is essentially a one-stop shop for YEC members to get coverage for themselves and their teams. This is the next step in realizing our vision of offering a truly concierge-level experience for every member, so they can focus on growth, not paperwork.”

The end result? Affordable health insurance that is easier to manage and administer so you can improve your recruiting efforts, increase retention and lead a healthier, more productive staff.


Most important, the YEC Health Insurance Marketplace relieves you of the burden of becoming an expert in the changing healthcare landscape. Our experts are on hand when you need them, but even self-guided comparison shopping is simplified -- based on location, you can see all the private options available to you, and filter them by metallic level (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze), deductible level, premium amount or carrier.

Along the way, you can save your selections to compare them later or review them with your team or family; the system archives them as you go. You can also compare group insurance to non-group, private-plan solutions with potential ACA subsidies.

Once you’ve made a decision, employees can enter their own data, saving you considerable time -- but you’ll still have one-click access to add or terminate employee plans as needed. You can easily synchronize data between your payroll system and your health insurance carrier, too. Bonus: If you choose a group plan, you’ll get access to a free health insurance HRIS system, essentially streamlining all of your HR on a single platform. Discounted rates on Zen Payroll are also available.


No matter how you choose to set up insurance for yourself, your family or your team, our marketplace has a range of options. You can purchase individual insurance or small group insurance, either privately or through any of the federally facilitated marketplaces. Or, we can help you set up defined contribution plans, wherein you pay a set dollar amount per month toward your employees’ premiums -- an option more and more small employers are turning to. (We’ll make sure you are taking advantage of all subsidies and tax benefits available to you too.) Finally, we can also help with short-term policies to cover gaps in insurance, if needed.

Says Gerber, “Every company is different, and every founder or owner has different needs personally. Our marketplace is built to accommodate whatever your needs are, without making the actual management part of the process more complicated.”


It’s advised that you evaluate health insurance options for your company and your family on a yearly basis. The beginning of the year is the most common time for renewals. With ACA open enrollment coming tomorrow, November 15th for the January 1st deadline, now is the time to get started. Visit insurance.yec.co and schedule your consultation (or explore available options) now.