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The Team Behind YEC Launches Forbes Technology Council

Today, we announced that the YEC team partnered with Forbes to create Forbes Technology Council, an invitation-only community exclusively for top IT executives. In doing so, we're able to help other executive-level business professionals while further serving our core YEC community.

While building YEC -- talking extensively to top business professionals about what would benefit them most -- we found an industry in need of an update. By partnering with Forbes, we're able to combine our deep understanding of community building with Forbes' global reach and resources, together creating the roadmap for a powerful, meaningful business community.

The result is Forbes Technology Council, an innovative community for CTOs, CIOs and other technology executives. It's a place for them to share insights on Forbes.com, solve pressing business challenges with their peers and receive personalized support from their Forbes Technology Council concierge. Members will also have access to exclusive, in-person VIP events as well as educational content such as webinars and members-only magazines. This level of executive service and top-tier community curation will not only provide members with resources that will benefit them as technology executives, but will benefit their entire company as well.

A few of our inaugural members include the chief tech leads of the following companies: Under Armour, Rent the Runway, 2U, Techstars, Hootsuite, Threadless, Optimizely, Dyn, Universum, Stitch Fix, Contently and more.

YEC members, if you think your company fits the criteria, we invite your chief technology executives to see if they qualify and apply. We'll review their application to Forbes Technology Council immediately, as well as offer discounted access if they're accepted. Please email your member concierge if they decide to apply, or if you have any questions. Please keep in mind that only executives with a clear executive tech role in your company can apply. This way, we can help your technology executives build their own networks of exceptional IT professionals, offering even more resources for your company in the process.

You can learn more about our new partnership here.

Warm Regards,
Your YEC Team

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