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Two YEC Members Launch New Apps

YEC members Peter Yeh and Melinda Nicci have recently announced new mobile experiences that add to what their companies, MedBillIQ and Baby2Body, already offer.

YEC member company MedBillIQ launches a new app for Apple and Android devices.

MedBillIQ, a company that helps people reduce their out-of-pocket healthcare expenses through reviewing and negotiating medical bills, recently launched a new app. YEC member and co-founder Peter Yeh announced that the app will allow their customers to snap and submit pictures of their medical bills for MedBillIQ to review for free. If they are able to reduce it, they will charge a small fee.

"We wanted to make the process as simple as possible and modeled it after the banks' mobile check deposit feature," says Yeh.

MedBillIQ's mission is to ease the financial burden of healthcare costs. View and download the app here.

YEC company Baby2Body launches a new iOS app.

Baby2Body, a site that gives new and expecting moms advice, inspiration and motivation, launched an iOS app on July 31st.

Baby2Body helps women live happier and healthier through pregnancy and for the first three years of their baby's life. They help women to stay fit (with workouts and exercises), eat healthily (with recipes and videos), stay calm with mediation, visualisation, and look good with advice on beauty. The free app and is a daily guide through pregnancy, which includes updates on the growth of the baby and the premium content via a subscription or one-off payment. It includes videos, infographics, podcasts and recipes.

Says YEC member and CEO Melinda Nicci, "I am passionate about helping women to feel empowered and inspired to live healthier and happier and have healthier babies. I want all women to have access to the motivation and inspiration to live better at this very special time of their lives."

Learn more about the app here.


Photo courtesy of Peter Yeh. 

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