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Welcome Miranda Barrett, VP, Membership Growth and Retention

Please join us in welcoming Miranda Barrett, our new vice president, membership growth and retention, to the YEC team.

Miranda has spent more than 12 years working in the trenches with entrepreneurs around the globe, seeing firsthand the challenges they go through with juggling life and business, the responsibilities they manage to their companies, and the persistent hard work and optimism it takes to succeed.

“Being an entrepreneur can be incredibly isolating” Miranda said. “It’s hard to find people who understand the challenges you’re facing. Having a strong community to turn to for help, ideas and support can make all the difference.”

While traveling the world, Miranda has had the opportunity to connect with entrepreneurs across dozens of countries, yet finds the language of entrepreneurship is universal.

“It’s amazing how you can be in a location that is so different culturally, but the entrepreneurs there all want to talk about the same thing — how to solve problems and grow their businesses,” she said.

Miranda brings a strong sense of what is important to busy and accomplished young entrepreneurs. The true value of any membership today, she believes, is not in a magazine or even a conference, but in the access to an engaged and supportive community — especially virtual, at-your-fingertips-anywhere access of the sort YEC offers in its dashboard, forums, and concierge services.

“Entrepreneurs are the busiest people on the planet, so when they give you a little piece of their time that’s a big deal,” she said. “We owe it to them to make sure that everything we offer provides immediate value, because they have 10 other things they need to be doing at that moment. The fact that they can access YEC benefits anytime, from anywhere in the world, is critical.”

Miranda has a diverse professional background, starting her career off as a presidential trip coordinator at the White House and then working in private aviation before serving as a VP at Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) for 10 years. It wasn’t until she met YEC founders Scott Gerber and Ryan Paugh that she realized there was a common thread running through the best of her work — building communities, especially those for entrepreneurs.

“I think what’s amazing about entrepreneurs is not that they have a high tolerance for risk — it’s that they find it far less risky to bet on their own abilities to succeed rather than trusting a company to do it for them,” she said. “They have have this relentless pursuit of opportunities and unshakeable confidence. That’s pretty incredible and that deserves a strong community.”

Welcome to the YEC community, Miranda!