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Welcome Rakesh Soni, CEO at LoginRadius

YEC members are successful entrepreneurs who’ve built world-class companies. The founders of impactful businesses, each new professional is a welcome addition to the group. So join us this week in welcoming one of the newest members of our community: Rakesh Soni.

Rakesh Soni is the CEO at LoginRadius. LoginRadius Inc. is an Edmonton-based technology company with a global customer base. It is a platform offering Social Login, User Registration, Social Sharing, User Data, Single Sign-On and Social Analytics to website owners and app developers. Soni also has expertise in identity management.

In January, LoginRadius was recognized as one of the top 3 companies in the world in their industry by Gartner.

Looking to connect? Reach out to your member concierge at concierge@yec.co and mention how you could help each other out.

You can also connect with Rakesh on LinkedIn.