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Young Entrepreneur

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Welcome Stephanie Cartin, Founder and CEO of Socialfly

FounderSociety members are young entrepreneurs building exceptional companies. Ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners, each new professional is a fantastic addition to the community. Join us today in welcoming one of our newest members: Stephanie Cartin.

Stephanie is the founder and CEO of Socialfly, a full-service digital marketing and influencer marketing agency specializing in social PR. The agency works to increase brand awareness for brands in the entertainment, lifestyle, fashion and beauty industries. Stephanie is an expert in social media strategy.

This past year, Socialfly wrote its first book entitled, "Like Love Follow," which provides valuable tips and insight into how to improve SEO and social media presence.

Looking to connect? Reach out to your member concierge at concierge@foundersociety.co and mention how you could help each other out.

You can also connect with Stephanie on LinkedIn.

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