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YEC Brings on Accomplished Community Builder Jennifer Donogh as Executive Producer of Media


Furthering our mission of crafting high-quality content to help our members succeed, we're pleased to introduce one of the latest YEC hires: Jennifer Donogh. She joins the team as the Executive Producer of Media.

Originally from Duvall, Washington, Donogh studied political science at the University of Washington in Seattle. Before joining the YEC team, she owned a live webcasting production company and founded the Young Female Entrepreneurs, which used live webcasting and in-person meetups to build community across the U.S. Donogh even produces videos outside of work, spending time with her family outdoors and creating videos of their adventures.

From Donogh: "I’m excited to work with a remarkable team on creating unique, quality media that will entertain, educate, and connect YEC members."

Help us welcome her by connecting on LinkedIn and Twitter.

[Photo Credit: Jennifer Donogh. Header image is YEC team and guests at YEC Boston Holiday]