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YEC Co-Founder Ryan Paugh Talks About Building Epic Communities at Krash Mentorship Event

Krash, a network of communal living spaces focused on innovation and collaboration, recently hosted YEC's own Ryan Paugh to speak about his experience building community. As part of their Taste of Eship series, Krash is bringing in successful leaders from the business world to share their particular insights.

Around pizza and beer, Paugh spoke to Krash members about his experience -- ups, downs, learning experiences and more -- building successful communities. His passion for people and making connections led him to co-found his first company, Brazen Careerist, which in turn led to his desire to start YEC.

“I’m a natural connector and want to help people get connected to opportunities so that the entrepreneurial journey is not as lonely," he said.

Throughout the conversation Paugh emphasized a focus on people. He explained that keeping members of any community engaged -- especially in our age of fast-paced communication and business -- is about making the experience meaningful for the people behind the profiles. “It’s important to be real and put time and thought into who these people are. The conversations need to be personal and real, and [show that] we care about the individuals."

To learn more about Paugh's insights from the event, including his advice for picking the perfect co-founder, read the full recap here.

[Photo courtesy of Krash]