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YEC Is Hiring -- Join the Team in Boston

YEC is growing again! In the past few months we've brought on a social media manager, a developer and two associate editors, and we're looking to expand even further.

At YEC, we're all about culture and community -- makes sense, considering we're a community organization! It's important that everyone feels not only the job, but the team itself is a good fit. We work hard, but have a ton of fun in the process. From happy hours to cornhole games and spontaneous ice cream floats, there's never a dull moment in our Boston office.


Join Us In Boston

Located across from the South Station bus terminal, the YEC Boston office is nestled in a cozy corner of the South Station WeWork building. An open office but with options to retreat for quiet work time, we're big on collaboration and getting things done. And since we're in a co-working space, there's always coffee, tea, beer on tap and the option of a standing desk or bean bag for the day.

And if the colorful scenery of co-working isn't quite enough, there's the option to work from wherever on Fridays! While some opt to come into the office, others work from NYC, Maine (during the summer) or a coffee shop close to home.

Other benefits (beyond the awesome team) include two weeks of paid vacation, paid time of for major U.S. holidays and a comprehensive healthcare package.

Curious About YEC?

Just so we're clear, YEC is an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s top young entrepreneurs. Mostly founders, co-founders and CEOs, our members hail from nearly every industry you can image. (You can check out a few of our featured members here.)

We're here to help our members succeed. We offer a lot of benefits, including a 24/7 member concierge, an in-house editorial team, a community forum for solving business challenges, a vetted network of service vendors, events both locally and nationally (such as our YEC Escape to Powder Mountain), a quarterly magazine and curated connections when they travel.


Open Roles

Does meeting and helping successful young business professionals sound like your thing? If you're in the Boston area, have the skills we're looking for and are excited to join our growing team, send us your cover letter and résumé!

(Read full job descriptions and qualifications in the links below.)

Event and Program Coordinator: Working alongside Morgan, you'll be responsible for coordinating all aspects of YEC member events, from intimate Founders Dinner to live online video chats to local cocktail parties and our national retreats. See recaps from some of our events on our blog.

Community Manager: You will be responsible for supporting the founders of some of the world’s coolest companies including Rent The Runway, Hootsuite, Threadless, and Thrillist.


Associate Editor: A unique opportunity, this role combines editing, content marketing, writing for the web, writing for print, online publishing, public relations, marketing communications and more. You'll help talented entrepreneurs get their voices heard in media (while also getting a first-rate education in running and growing a business).

Print / Creative Design ManagerOur quarterly magazines are a huge endeavor, and we'd love a creative, design-savvy individual to collaborate with the editorial team on design and creation of our magazine.

Meet the Boston Team


Most of our full-time staff resides in and around Boston, and works from the Boston HQ office. To get a sense of who'd you'd be working with here in Mass., meet our team below:

Ryan is our co-founder and COO. Passionate about community building, entrepreneurship and family, Ryan enjoys craft beer, good whiskey and nautical metaphors. On his blog, he writes: “Building your company is like sailing a ship into uncharted territory. While specific strengths are certainly necessary to keep the boat moving forward, your crew’s morale will inevitably determine the success of the journey.”

Morgan, our Program Director, is often out of the office -- traveling around the country to host events and connect members. A New York native, her ability to hustle and network is unparalleled. She works closely with our latest hire, Rob Weeks. Joining us from the WeWork team (where he was formerly the Boston City Lead), Rob is our Northeast Regional Manager. He's the point person for members in the Northeast (and already seems to know every entrepreneur in Boston).

Bob is the CTO. Writing code, reviewing our systems and drinking whiskey are his go-to activities, with a dash of travel and cornhole on the side. He works directly with Josh, a PHP developer who hails from Brandeis.

YEC Associate Editors include Janey, Bethany, Mary Austin and Vivian. From diverse backgrounds (Phoenix, San Francisco, Atlanta and Boston respectively), they're all excited to work directly with successful business founders on web-based content (as well as on our members-only magazine). While Janey consistent outclasses everyone in shuffleboard, Bethany enjoys scotch, Mary Austin writes for Boston Content and Vivian can be found curling up with a good documentary.


While we all act as community liaisons, our world-class community management team is made up of Jeff and Cassandra. Both phenomenal connectors and networkers, Jeff is also our resident foodie and Cassandra is passionate about youth mentorship.

A newer addition to the team, Katie is our Social Media Manager -- she's in charge of YEC's social presence (when she's not shooting engagement photos for friends).

We're an eclectic bunch, but if you're looking for a fun culture and an office of self-motivated entrepreneurship geeks, you're in the right place.

If you're interested and this sounds like a good fit, let us know!

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