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YEC Member Adam Steele Launches "The Steele Entrepreneur Show"

YEC member Adam Steele, founder and CEO of a number of digital marketing companies, namely The Magistrate, is launching a new YouTube channel, “The Steele Entrepreneur Show.”

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Now three episodes deep, “The Steele Entrepreneur Show” explores Adam’s day-to-day insights and entrepreneurial experiences. Adam also hopes it will provide valuable lessons based on what he has learned throughout his six years as an entrepreneur and marketer.

“My hope is that I can teach a couple people along the way and help them make a few less mistakes than I have,” said Adam. “I’ve quite possibly made every single one of them in the book.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 6.26.14 PMIn addition to rotating topics, Adam said the show will also feature occasional interview segments with innovative and talented marketers and entrepreneurs.

You can subscribe to Adam's YouTube channel, here.

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