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YEC Member Adam Witty Publishes Newest Book, Lead the Field

Adam Witty, founder and CEO of Advantage Media Group -- which offers publishing and marketing services to position individuals and brands as leaders in their field -- recently published a new book called "Lead the Field."

This book teaches you how to position yourself and your business as the undisputed authority in your industry. This authority position moves you to new heights and makes marketing, selling, and building trust with customers dramatically easier and quicker than ever before.

Lead-The-Field-BookYou will also learn:

  • What Authority Marketing actually is
  • Four reasons Authority Marketing makes growing a business much easier
  • The pillars of Authority Marketing
  • Examples of Authority Marketing in business today
  • How to implement Authority Marketing into your business for gain, fame, and fortune

You can get a free copy of this groundbreaking book at advantagefamily.com.

Witty is also author of 21 Ways to Build Your Business with a Book, 21 Ways to Build Your Business with a Magazine, and co-author of How To Build Your Dental Practice With a Book and How to Build Your Law Practice with a Book and Click: The Ultimate Guide to Internet Marketing for Authors. 


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