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YEC Member Antonio Neves Publishes Two Books for Students and Young Entrepreneurs

YEC member Antonio Neves, a nationally recognized millennial workplace speaker and CEO of leadership consultancy THINQACTION, recently published two books aimed at educating students and young professionals.

"50 Ways to ExcCollege_Graduation_Gift_Career_Job_Success_Antonio_Neves_50_Ways_To_Excel_First_Job_n2mxumel in Your First Job (and in Life)" is a guide filled with tools and resources for college graduates transitioning into the real world. Between soft skills, problem-solving and relationship building, the book teaches the critical life lessons essential to starting a successful career.

Similarly, "50 Things Every College Student Should Know" teaches current students how to get the most from their college experience through networking, career and life lessons gained outside the classroom.

89b22791e71e43c2b5c12bfda042c356_uwhcrjAs a keynote speaker, an award-winning journalist and a first-generation college student, Antonio is committed to helping students reach their full potential and grow successful careers.


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