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YEC Member Arian Radmand on How to Get Celebrity Endorsements

Along with connecting our members to each other and to various business services, we offer a selection of educational materials to help our members with professional development. Ideal for folks who like learning from the best -- but doing it on their own time -- these videos and podcasts feature successful entrepreneurs offering insights into best practices for business. [Note: This benefit is for YEC members only. Click here to find out if you qualify.]

In this YEC members-only video, YEC member Arian Radman, co-founder and Director of Engineering at CoachUp, teaches other members how to lock down celebrity endorsements. Radmand and team are well-known for their celebrity endorsements, including professional basketball player Stephen Curry.

In this episode, Radman covers the merits of equity versus compensation for endorsements, how to reach out to celebrities for the "ask," managing the ongoing relationship even before the endorsement is sealed, and more.

YEC members: Check out the full episode, here, and discover more great content at education.yec.co.

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