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YEC Member Beau Hale on Hiring and Employee Education

In this YEC members-only podcast, YEC founder Scott Gerber talks to Beau Hale -- president and co-founder of AdBoom Group, Inc -- about ensuring employees shine post-hire.

In this episode, Hale explains the new hiring system he created after the traditional method of reviewing resumes and conducting interviews didn't work out. Most importantly, he offers detail and insight into how a founder can ensure a new team member delivers once they're part of the group. He also explains the importance of developing employee education materials as your company grows and scales.

Additionally, Hale sheds light on critical steps to take before starting up or branching out from your current business endeavors -- in particular, the importance of getting real customer data before pulling the trigger on a new business idea.

YEC members: Check out the podcast here to hear more about hiring smart and educating new team members. You can also listen to more great podcasts at education.yec.co.

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