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YEC Member Companies Eyeflow Internet Marketing and Clear Sky SEO Can Help With Your SEO and Inbound Marketing

Eyeflow Internet Marketing, an Internet marketing consulting firm, and Clear Sky SEO, an extension of Eyeflow Internet Marketing, were founded by YEC member Phil Laboon and are the latest members of YEC's Vetted Vendor Network.

Located in Pittsburgh, PA, Eyeflow is a long-time proponent of organic search engine optimization techniques and educates clients about the latest in SEO and inbound marketing as they progress through their SEO marketing campaigns. With over 13 years in business, 12 awards and 200 clients served, Eyeflow is uniquely positioned to tap into fresh audiences and create assets to build your brand into a web authority. Similarly, Clear Sky aims to provide affordable SEO services and strategies that align with Google's search guidelines. Having provided enterprise level SEO since 2001, Clear Sky helps small businesses stay on top of Internet marketing trends and compete in the online space through SEO, PPC, social media and more.

YEC members can now access exclusive offers through the YEC Marketplace from Eyeflow or Clear Sky, including:

  • 10% off of Eyeflow services for SEO, SEM, PPC, etc.; or
  • 10% off Clear Sky services.

Please note that offers are valid for YEC members only.

To learn more about Eyeflow Internet Marketing or Clear Sky SEO, visit www.eyeflow.com or www.clearskyseo.com respectively. To take advantage of their SEO expertise and claim your exclusive discount, head over to the YEC Marketplace now.