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YEC Member Companies Launch New Products to Help Improve Online Businesses

In the startup world, keeping your mobile and web property updated is a must. This holds especially true for online businesses. In light of this, three YEC member companies recently launched new products that collect internal business data and could help beat competitors. Try these latest tools to see what needs revamping on your web or mobile property.

high level marketing1.High Level Marketing offers Website Analyzer, which shows detailed reports of why competitors may be outperforming business owners.

YEC member and CEO of High Level Marketing, Wesley Mathews, hopes this tool will give business owners a high level look at their web property and compare it with the rest of their industry. Simply enter in your industry, zip code and website URL to see in-depth analytics. Best of all, it's free on High Level Marketing's website. There, visitors can also access daily blog posts, instructional videos, e-books, useful checklists and more.

The inspiration for Website Analyzer came when countless potential clients would ask High Level Marketing co-founder Jon Bowerman, "What are my competitors doing different than me to rank high in Google?" And so, Mathews and Bowerman developed a tool that could instantly show business owners immediate steps to take to improve their website.

Read more about the launch of Website Analyzer here.


AppGyver2. AppGyver launched Composer 2, a visual platform that creates and publishes mobile and web apps around business data.

Co-founded by YEC member and CEO Marko Lehtimaki, AppGyver is a full suite of app development tools. Its mission is to provide an easy, seamless process of app development that anyone from first-timers to seasoned developers can use.

Now with Composer 2, users can incorporate any data and add any interactive feature without having to code. It's the first tool of its kind in the mobile enterprise development space to cater to a broader audience that includes both developers and non-developers. Lehtimaki hopes it will help more business owners feel comfortable creating their own mobile app.

He says, ''Mobile is increasingly becoming a priority on the business agenda. However, existing mobile enterprise platforms do not tackle the full spectrum of financial, technological and accessibility hurdles that are preventing businesses from adopting it. Composer 2 changes this, serving as a convenient end-to-end platform that provides tailor made apps quickly and affordably.''

Visit AppGyver's website to learn more about the company and Composer 2.


GoFanbase3. GoFanbase recently launched its mobile app that takes pictures of happy customers and shares it on social media platforms.

Started by YEC member and CEO Micah Johnson, GoFanbase delivers customer referrals and boosts sales by sharing happy customers' feedback. Its new mobile app can take photos of happy customers, ask for feedback and allow customers to give their consent to share content in one tap. Then, the happy customer's photo and feedback is automatically shared on the business' social sites.

Johnson built the service when he realized that many happy customers were posting about their purchases without mentioning the business. He felt it was a lost opportunity for the businesses. GoFanbase's mobile app takes advantage of the many satisfied customers that are already posting about their positive experiences. The businesses, as a result, boosts online ratings and gets customer referrals.

Learn more about GoFanbase's mobile app on its recent blog post.


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