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YEC Member Companies Launch Tools That Improve Online Experiences

In order to maintain their competitive advantages, tech startups are constantly striving to make consumers' lives that much easier and more convenient. For the YEC member companies below, this means using virtual reality to make smarter online purchases and software that handles the grunt work of enhancing a website's user experience. They're making waves for consumers — from concert-goers to website owners.

Rukkus Seat 360 Feature Image W Logo

1. Rukkus launched Seat360, a feature on its mobile app that uses virtual reality to show users their seat and view before purchasing a ticket.

Rukkus disrupts the $30-billion ticket market with the first e-commerce platform that combines a seat map with panoramic, 360-degree virtual reality. Rukkus partners with major ticket vendors to find its users the cheapest tickets on the market. Users can search any artist, team or event and instantly see and select from a variety of ticket and venue options. Now, with its recent launch of Seat360 on April 14th for its mobile app, users can click to see the view from seats beforehand to avoid purchasing those with obstructed views.

YEC'er Manick Bhan, founder and CEO of Rukkus, says his reason for creating this function is Rukkus' customers. He explains: "We surveyed our customers in addition to frequent concert goers and sports fans and 90 percent of them told us that first-person seat views are very important to their buying decision. We dug a little deeper to find that 81 percent preferred interactive 360 panoramic views over 2D images to help choose their seat. These overwhelming numbers gave us no choice but to create a solution to ease any doubt as to what a customer's seat views will look like before they buy. We see the use of virtual reality as the next big evolution in the ticketing industry and wanted to bring that to our customers first."

Learn more about the revolutionary Seat360 feature or explore Rukkus here.

Clickx Grader

2. Clickx launched Clickx Grader to help website owners identify the strengths and weaknesses of their web property.

Clickx is a digital marketing specialist with a full suite of web performance tools and marketing services. Its latest tool, Clickx Grader, launched late March and instantly provides business owners with a breakdown of their digital property.

Says YEC'er Solomon Thimothy, CEO of Clickx, in PRWeb: "Our goal with the Clickx Grader is to offer business owners the information they need most to make their businesses as successful as possible. From knowing who their biggest competitors are to knowing where any weaknesses may lie on their site, business managers will be able to find out exactly where to continue strategies or start new projects to improve not only their website’s functionality but their business’ visibility online. Local marketing and digital promotion are more important than ever, and with [Clickx Grader], companies will know exactly how to change their processes to succeed."

Read about the launch on Website Magazine or PRWeb, or learn more about Clickx here.

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