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YEC Member Companies MaxCDN and RJ Metrics Recently Acquired

Recently, two YEC member companies were acquired by a web services platform and digital commerce business.

StackPath Acquires MaxCDN

YEC member David Henzel's company MaxCDN was recently acquired by StackPath, along with Fireblade, Cloak and Staminus. StackPath is an intelligent web services platform.

StackPath’s vision is to create a platform to offer users a variety of different security services, starting with secure content delivery. MaxCDN alone brings 16,000 customers to the new startup. StackPath recently raised 180M in funding in addition to the acquisitions. The round was led by ABRY Partners, a private equity firm.

According to TechCrunch, "MaxCDN is described as a 'next generation content delivery network' that is built on Varnish and Nginx, and uses caching technology to accelerate websites and applications. And it is already a very established business: it has 19 global PoPs and more than 16,000 customers. StackPath says it has migrated this technology stack to its new platform with built-in security features such as WAF and DDOS."

Read more about the acquisition here.

Magento Commerce Acquires RJ Metrics 

YEC member Robert Moore's company RJ Metrics was acquired by Magento Commerce, a leader in cloud digital commerce innovation. Stitch, a product segment of RJMetrics that provides data infrastructure services for businesses, will remain a Philadelphia-based company although Magento Commerce is California-based.

According to the press release, "The new solution will be marketed as Magento Analytics and, unlike other analytics platforms that often require IT support and considerable time to configure, Magento Analytics will allow non-technical business users to quickly and easily integrate with enterprise-grade data sets across a broad array of applications in order to consolidate and analyze data for effective multi-brand, cross-channel reporting."

In the meantime, Moore and co-founder Jake Stein have also recently launched Stitch, a spinoff company from RJMetrics that is focused on the data consolidation portion of what the RJMetrics platform provided. Stein is serving as CEO of Stitch. Moore is serving as Chairman of the Board.

Read more about the acquisition here.


Photo courtesy of Robert J. Moore.

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