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YEC Member Companies Publish Educational Materials

This week at YEC, we wanted to celebrate two member companies who have recently published fantastic educational materials. Through an informative video series and ebook, these companies are helping other organizations enhance their visual and internal communications.

1. Killer Infographics releases series of influencer videos, "The Visual Minute"


Killer Infographics, a visual communications agency led by YEC members Amy Balliett and Nick Grant, has created a video series called "The Visual Minute." Members of the Killer Infographics team have been interviewing design, media and marketing influencers to talk about why visual content is worth paying attention to.

Every week, Killer Infographics releases a new video interview that explores the question, “What makes visual content worth paying attention to?” So far, they have released over a dozen videos of about a minute long each. Each interviewee shares their unique perspective and experience to shed light on new ways of thinking about visual communication. Some of the influencers interviewed include marketing guru Guy Kawasaki and Lance Ulanoff, Chief Correspondent at Mashable.

The insights gained from these videos include best practices, trends and expectations of visual content today, as well as where it will go in the future.

2. CrownTV publishes ebook, "5 Ways to Improve Internal Communications Using Technology"

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CrownTV, a digital signage software company led by YEC member Jacob Layani, just published its first ever ebook, titled "5 Ways to Improve Internal Communications Using Technology." CrownTV announced the release of their ebook on July 11, 2016.

While concise and easy to read, the ebook is full of useful information on how to use the latest tools and online applications to better connect teams and enhance company culture. It shares insights to help companies completely transform the way their teams communicate and collaborate.

The ebook includes relevant research and statistics, useful tips and best practices on how to get the most out of internal communications technology, the most popular tools and applications for project management and collaboration, and more.

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