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YEC Member Companies Stay Ahead of the Curve With New Products and Payment Solutions

With companies constantly rolling out the latest tech, it's important to anticipate the next trend before your space becomes overcrowded. Two member companies, VIDAPTIV and CardCash, do just that with their newest service additions.

1. VIDAPTIV: A video advertising agency offering customized, interactive designs.


VIDAPTIV, founded by YEC member Parveen Panwar, recently released a beta launch on its company platform. It helps brands and agencies increase their engagement and awareness with users. But unlike similar services, this innovative service includes customized designs and tags that can run anywhere: on any video, banner ad and more. The beta launch's primary purpose is to show clients the many advantages of interactive videos over traditional media. VIDAPTIV will hand-select brands to try the platform for free in order to collect feedback.

Panwar, VIDAPTIV's CEO, says: "In my five years of my advertising experience, most of the talks and concerns have been around the performance of video ads." Despite this, Panwar has seen little effort in the digital advertising landscape to change this. "The industry has seen low competition, engagement and awareness rates in video, short and long format ads. But interactive video for ads and content marketing score high in all aspects. Users highly engage right within the video experience, raising awareness of brand message."

In short, Panwar and his team at VIDAPTIV are looking to transform how brands use video advertising by incorporating a clear call to action -- a feature that typically lacks in video formats. The company is looking to incorporate interactive components in their clients' videos, and the beta launch will help personalize some of those tools.

Learn more about their new capabilities on their site.


2. CardCash.com: A gift card exchange service now accepting Bitcoin.

CardCashLogo (1)

CardCash, co-founded by YEC member Elliot Bohm, is another member company staying ahead of its competitors. It's service allows shoppers to purchase gift cards to retailers at a significant discount. Now, CardCash will begin accepting Bitcoin payments from shoppers in exchange for its discounted gift cards.

It's important to recognize what payment methods shoppers prefer and accommodate those needs, and Bitcoin happens to be part of this movement. It's a digital currency that has gained popularity for its high transaction speed, privacy and lack of a need for middlemen. It makes sense, then, for CardCash to adopt this payment solution.

CEO Elliot Bohm says: "CardCash has always been focused on creating a more fluid payment industry, and Bitcoin is a natural extension of that mission." The company seeks to change the way people view gift cards, which are often seen as pesky cards to get rid of. CardCash has taken a step forward in simplifying the payment process by accepting Bitcoin.

You can learn more about their new Bitcoin developments here.


How is your company paving the way for your industry? If you're a member, submit your company news here.

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