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YEC Member Company Abernathy Writes About Networking and the YEC Experience

YEC member Willie Jackson, Founder at Abernathy, announced recently that YEC is one of his newest sponsors. Abernathy is an online media property specifically geared towards black men, with a mission to curate and produce high quality content for this overlooked audience.

Jackson has spent his life prioritizing interesting work over income, and through this has found incredible value in human networks. In his post, he stresses the importance of networking not for its own sake, but for the sake of others. Building relationships -- both inside and outside the business world -- is about making a positive impact.

"My life has been enriched by maintaining a posture of generosity: introducing people who need to know each other, connecting vendors with customers, and so forth," he writes.

Jackson, who initially overlooked YEC because he feared it would be like other professional organizations that over-promise but under-deliver, has since become an advocate.

"I’ve seen the YEC grow and augment the careers and businesses of people I know, so I’m happy to put my reputation on the line when recommending them," he writes. "Scott and Ryan and the rest of the YEC team are doing good work, and I’m very happy to announce the YEC as the latest Abernathy sponsor."

Read his full post, here.