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YEC Member Company AfterCollege Buys Employer-Focused Service Cross-Post

YEC member company AfterCollege bought employment advertising company Cross-Post to create Recruitology, a recruitment service helping employers hire college students as well as vocational and hourly talent.

Led by YEC member Roberto Angulo, more than 200 publishers and media companies use Recruitology to help over 50,000 employers efficiently recruit talent. Recruitology's recruitment platform offers applicant tracking, analytics, intelligent job ad targeting and now, access to over 1,500 specialty job boards and destination sites.

"We’ve been working closely with Cross-Post for a number of years," said Roberto. "It makes sense to combine both companies to offer our publisher and media partners with a one-stop shop for candidate targeting and talent acquisition."

Unlike AfterCollege, which served as a career network for college students and recent graduates, Recruitology will include vocational and hourly segments as well as verticals like healthcare and engineering.

Read more about this acquisition in Recruitology's press release.