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YEC Member Company Andela Brings Clients to Nigeria to Meet Their Developers

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Earlier this month, Andela -- a technology training and staffing firm based in Nigeria founded by YEC member Jeremy Johnson -- brought four of its clients to Lagos to meet their developers and the Andela team. For four days, these clients joined their fellows (a term used by Andela to refer to the developers who work with clients abroad) at Andela for soft skills training, one-on-one meetings and meals. The visiting group included YEC's own CTO Bob Calise.

The event took place at the Andela training center in Lagos, Nigeria. Situated in Yaba -- a neighborhood that has become the tech center of Lagos as it sits directly on a fiber line -- the Andela fellows live and work in roughly the same area.

During the trip, the visitors were able to meet in person the developers they've been working closely with online. They spent time working directly with their Andela fellows, and joined them for the soft skills training every Andela developer receives as part of their overall education. They were also able to get a feel for the general training process and meet with some of Andela's founding team.

This was an invaluable chance to establish personal connections with the developers they work with every day, as well as get a sense of the working environment, daily life and greater scope of the Andela program.

"Meeting and working with my team members Seun, Leke and Mel in person, rather virtually than over Slack, was an incredible experience, as was meeting and learning from Andela’s executive team about their approach to recruiting, training and client success," said Bob Calise, CTO of YEC.

YEC has worked with Andela developers since the beginning of their program -- Sean Martins, one of YEC's developers, was in the first Andela class. While there have been around 15 classes so far, they remain small and incredibly focused. There's a one percent acceptance rate, and over a thousand hours of training wherein developers build real-world projects, according to Andela's site.

"Bringing clients to Andela's Lagos campus for the first time was a great experience all around. It was an opportunity for our clients and their teams to work with one another in person at our world-class campus and it was also a chance to introduce our clients to the broader community of Andela developers who collectively represent the future of the world's technology leadership," said Adam Frankel, Head of External Affairs at Andela.

You can learn more about Andela and what they're building at andela.com.