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YEC Member Hollis Carter Launches Baby Bathwater Institute

HollisCarterYEC member Hollis Carter, Founder of Baby Bathwater, launched Baby Bathwater Insitute, last July. The Baby Bathwater Institute provides a safe place for entrepreneurs to solve problems, grow their businesses surrounded by give-first peers in natural and creative environments. Baby Bathwater is creating curated communities based on members' personalities and useful skill sets.

Services are provided though offline events and supplemented with an online community. Baby Bathwater Insitute started organically by word-of-mouth referral last October. Membership is set to launch August 1.

"We spent over a decade attending all the shows from networking, masterminds, retreats and more," says Carter. "We always got value but had to sift through a whole lot of 'bathwater' to find the 'baby.' We all need relationships to and support of peers to grow and scale our entrepreneurial ventures."

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