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YEC Member Company Back to the Roots Raises $10M Series A Funding Round

YEC member company Back to the Roots, a California-based company that produces specialty home-growing farm kits, raised a $10 million Series A round led by Acre Venture Partners and also includes funding from S2G Ventures and Red Sea Ventures.

Member Alejandro Velez recently announced in a Back to the Roots newsletter, "We are excited to ... be [bringing] in some amazing new partners to accelerate our mission to Undo Food™."  

Back to the Roots aims to bring fun, ready-to-grow classroom products, and nutritious and tasty ready-to-eat food to thousands of schools across the country. With each line, the company hopes to reconnect families with their food and how it's grown in a hands-on learning environment.

Back to the Roots co-founder and fellow YEC member, Nikhil Arora, shares the company’s plans for the capital: ”We are so inspired by the response from our community this year and the opportunity ahead to help families connect the dots between growing and eating food. With our new partners, we will be able to amplify our impact and reach more classrooms, cafeterias and store shelves.”

Some of their current products include the Organic Mushroom Mini Farm, Garden-in-a-Can (organic basil and cilantro), Water Garden and the Self-Watering Planter.

Find out more about Back to the Roots news on its blog, or visit its website to learn more about its products and hands-on learning opportunities.

*Photo credit: Jay Mantri