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YEC Member Company BoardVitals Raises 1.1 Million in Series A Funding

YEC member company BoardVitals raised $1.1M in a Series A financing round last month. Founded by YEC member Daniel Lambert, BoardVitals is a healthcare education startup that develops digital assessment tools and medical content to prepare physicians, nurses and medical health professionals for specialty board exams and certifications.

The round was led by Rock Creek Capital, a Salt Lake City-based growth equity fund. This follows initial seed funding from several investors including Blueprint Health, Rothenberg Ventures and healthcare investor Charles Boorady.

BoardVitals has trained over 30,000 doctors and the product has been purchased by over 150 institutions in the past year alone. In their press release, Lambert spoke of the dramatic changes BoardVitals is bringing to the medical education industry: “It's not only about new technology, it's about building a new ecosystem for medical education. For the first time medical content is not just peer reviewed, but it's now reviewed by hundreds of doctors within each specialty." The company is based in New York City.

Read the full release here.